Under the Urban Drainage and Flood Control Districtís Master Planning Program, stormwater planning studies are periodically conducted to assess detention, water quality, and drainageway needs in watersheds across the Denver metro area. This watershed was previously studied as part of the 1995 Dry Gulch OSP.

The North Dry Gulch Watershed is located along the Colfax corridor within the City of Lakewood, Colorado. Through the years, development along Colfax has eliminated the natural channel. Currently, storm runoff from this highly developed watershed is conveyed by a combination of limited capacity storm sewers and poorly defined overland flow paths within streets and parking lots. As a result, many commercial properties lie within the 100-year floodplain (see project area map).

Recent planning efforts by the City of Lakewood highlight the project area. The West Colfax 2040 Action Plan and The Lakewood Comprehensive Plan provide a vision and guiding principles for redevelopment within the watershed; however, the floodplain issues present a significant hurdle to achieving these visions. A primary focus of this study, therefore, is to identify and apply a palette of solutions that will limit the 100-year floodplain and potentially make North Dry Gulch an amenity.  Through various combinations of open channel and closed conduit solutions, the palette of solutions will focus not only on the engineering, but also on the urban design and redevelopment potential of this vibrant Lakewood corridor.     

Though the watershed boundaries extend as far north as 25th Avenue and as far west as Kipling Street, the plan will concentrate on the section between the Charles Whitlock Recreation Center at Dover Street and the downstream limit at Harlan Street, where North Dry Gulch empties into Dry Gulch. The Outfall Systems Plan process includes an update of the watershed hydrology; development and evaluation of alternate drainage improvements; selection of a preferred alternative; and preliminary design of the preferred alternative including estimated costs. The completed study will serve as a guide for implementing drainage improvements within the watershed.

Project deliverables will be available at the following stages:  Baseline Hydrology, Alternatives Analysis and Conceptual Design. The following reports are available for download:

Document Status Date File
Baseline Hydrology Final January 2011 PDF (8.0 MB)
Alternatives Analysis Draft February 2016 PDF (22.0 MB)

Comments on the project due by March 4th

The project is funded by the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (UDFCD) and the City of Lakewood. Muller Engineering Company, Inc. was selected to complete the study with the assistance of Design Concepts Community and Landscape Architects.